Steve. If you are in cooling mode with the new outdoor unit is going off on the high-pressure safety switch then I would think that your unit is over-charged or you have a restriction in the refrigeration cycle. Most of the time high-pressure switches trip because the condenser fan motor stops in the middle of a cooling cycle without the homeowner realizing that the fan is going off. I am a renter in a building that just replaced one of our through the wall ac units last year. He could not detect the leak using sniffer or see any obvious oil leakage but surmised based on experience of know problems. just NASTY looking and came apart with one gentle tug to get it out of the house wall a little bit. • At compressor terminals, voltage must be ± 10% of nameplate marking when unit is operating. So I’m wondering why the compressor stops running. If the high pressure safety switch is tripped it will not allow the fan to start because the safety switch will not allow 24 volts to go to the contactor to get the compressor and fan motor started. Replace motor and perform moisture check.. When running the compressor is drawing a around we amps the start wire has 6amp on it. If your tech has not already made sure the refrigerant charge is right if you have a 410A unit make sure the subcooling is right. Hi David! If the unit is over 10 years old I would watch the unit closely to make sure that it is not running high pressure a let it run. Steve. Check lew voltage (thermostat) wires and connections. Air should come out of the top of your unit. Most of the times high pressure switches are doing their job by protecting the unit from harm and rarely go out. I would think pressure would equalize once the system is fully powered off, and not have a side be high. I hope that it will go away. I jumped the thermostat to see if my thermostat was the problem and that didn’t trigger the outside unit to come on. off – The desired programmed temperature point is less than 60 ° F (15 ° C).. LP and LP3 – Refrigerant gas shortage or faulty low Is it common for these micro channel units to take a while to become stable and be touchy about charging rate ? Wait until delay is complete. - Verify there is not a short in the filter or choke. Is there a way to replace the switch without draining the system? Thank you steve, My other thought was the compressor since this unit has been running for a years with no issues till no. Reverse Valve? Any advice/help would be very appreciative , Hi Mike! We have one of the Best in Website Security with a Norton Symantec Secured Website and Shopping Cart! If still open, replace the compressor. I would need to know the capacitor specs (uf/mfd and voltage rating) to recommend a replacement. But there’s this dense, black material around it and I’m wondering if that’s for insulation or just to keep the sensor in place? • Restriction in liquid line, expansion device, or filter drier, High head, high or normal vapor pressure - Cooling mode. This could be a TXV valve or metering device that is partially stopped up or not working correctly.7. Efficient designs. Steve. Sometimes I have seen switches trip for no reason at all. I was searching for the wires that were coming from the thermostat to the condenser and uncovered a HUGE problem. Lots of helpful info. -Cycle power - remove power until all the lights on the inverter have gone out. I hope that you can easily and inexpensively find and fix the problem. Pulled them, reran new, hooked it all back up and wallah! The tables below contain the lists of possible breakdowns which may happen with Rheem heat pumps of different modifications. Any ideas on issue? But it does not throw any codes when it’s running on cool and it cools well. I have a 5 month old Rheem Heat Pump with gas backup and I have a question about the compressor lockout temperature setting. Thank you! I hope you find an easy inexpensive solution to the problem. Motor oscillates up and down while being tested off of blower. Capacitor? I would recommend that your unit is thoroughly cleaned and charged properly. Steve. This year, the condenser stopped working, and a maintenance guy came and bypassed the high pressure switch – just clipped and stripped two wires and joined them with a screw on cap – he said it the HP switch wasn’t really necessary. Just replaced the motor and capacitor. But it does not throw any codes when it’s running on cool and it cools well. I would shut down the unit from my phone and restart after delay and it would work fine. Hi Carlos! Check to see if there is current leakage from controls into G, Y, or W. Check for Triac switched thermostat or solid state relay. Is it time to have the HP switch replaced? Happy New Year! Now, it’s their building, their unit; they vacuum coils and replace filters annually, and we have a working circuit breaker in the apartment (and renters’ insurance). The RP14 is our 14 SEER heat pump and is part of the Rheem heat pump product line that extends from 14 to 20 SEER. Basically mucked them up real good and then put about 7 band-aids on them within about a 18″ span. I am sorry, but I am not familiar and do not know anything about micro-channel Nordyne units and how they can be charged. Replace motor or capacitor. Could this be a high or low pressure sending unit and can I as a home owner do it myself? This highly featured and reliable heat pump is designed for years of reliable, efficient operation when matched with Rheem indoor If the fan is cutting off and the compressor is running then I would think that you have a fan motor problem and you probably need a new fan motor to solve the problem. Hi Don! Thanks so much for asking the question. Low vapor, cool compressor, iced indoor coil. determine if it’s air. - Check 5Vdc is constant between black and red at the sensor. If the fan motor is running slow then I would recommend checking to make sure that the fan motor capacitor is in good condition and up to specs. The tech said that the refrigerant levels/pressures are fine, the voltage/power levels coming into the unit are fine as well, the wires looked fine, the capacitor looks good. These units require you weigh in the exact charge amount. Extreme high outdoor temperatures above 100 degrees. I know that several manufacturers have been having problems with TXV valves getting stopped up, but I do not know for sure. he came out again last night and says that the compressor etc needs replacing and it is going to cost another $900.00 after last years $795.00 he charged to work on it and when he disconnected the high pressure switch, Hi Danna! Slow or dragging fan motor. Hi. Rheem was founded in 1925, and today they are one of North America’s largest HVAC manufacturers. I would recommend bypassing the sensor and keep a watch to make sure the heat pump does not run low on refrigerant charge. I’ve washed the coils, changed the 3amp fuse in my furnace but the problem persists. After hitting the test switch on board the unit will kick back on and be good for a couple of days or so then go right back to low pressure lockout. & high pressure lockout@ Rheem A ranch house, 1480 sq ft heated area. This could be hard to get your service tech there when your unit is acting up since the problem is erratic. Faulty high-pressure switch tripping without having high pressure. Hi Jerry. Hi Mr. Arnold – I have an old Tempstar 5500, Model CH5524VKA2 installed 1993. You or the service tech would need to check to see if the compressor windings are open? Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Troubleshooting Simplified, Air Conditioning & Heat Pump troubleshooting questions with answers index, Furnace troubleshooting questions with answers index, Gas & Electric Furnace Troubleshooting Simplified,,,,, American Standard Trane Condenser Fan Motors, ICP Heil Tempstar Whirlpool Flame Sensors, Trane American Standard Furnace Draft Inducers, Trane American Standard Pressure Switches, Managed by Wooassist - Woocommerce Support. If you have a restriction this would be found by attaching manifold gauges and watching the pressures in your system. • Charge per procedure attached to unit service panel. I pulled back the blue flex-hose that was protecting the thermostat wires from the condenser to the house, and found the wires and been chewed up by what appeared to look like a weed-eater. Do I need to replace the switch even though the unit appears to be running ok. Would you know if there’s a schrader valve in there so I can do it myself? When the Freon pressure gets too high the switch shuts off the compressor. NOT APPLICABLE TO BLEED PORT VALVES. -Outdoor ambient is below 0 # F. Allow unit to heat up and evaporating pressure to increase before restarting. • Air, noncondensibles, or moisture in system. - Verify shielding on communication cable is adequately connected to the connector. There is a really good YouTube video on the following page: If you do not want to watch the entire video then you can skip to the 6:30 mark where the service tech explains why so many of the TXV valves are going bad. Here is the sad, confusing, frustrating story…, We heard a buzzing noise coming from our attic unit, called some A/C folks, they sent their tech out and he said we were low on refrigerant by about 25%. Heat pump units - In HEAT mode, a timed delay keeps indoor fan off for two minutes to prevent unheated air from being circulated by the indoor fan. Check “Bk” for erratic cfm command (in variable speed applications). -Check return voltage between Black and Green terminals on back of control board. Rheem Heat Pump Troubleshooting Quality #1 Repair Tips - High … The question would be what is causing the compressor to stop working in the middle of a cycle. The control board on my ac/heat pump shows a high pressure switch fault. We simply offer the finest heat pump solutions. I would recommend that you have your heat pump checked out to make sure that you really are not running high pressure so it does not ruin your compressor. Steve. • Miswiring of communications (communication light on continuously). I hope you have a great day and week! Motor or fan blade going the wrong direction. ), Improper superheat adjustment (Only applicable to TEV with adjustable superheat settings), Adjust superheat setting counter- clockwise, Valve feeds too much refrigerant, with low superheat and higher than mat suction pressure, Recover refrigerant, replace filter- drier, evacuate system and then nor- recharge, Dirt or foreign material causing valve to stick open, Recover refrigerant, replace filter- drier, evacuate system and recharge. my condenser unit isn’t running. Most of the time to replace the valve a new one has to be brazed into place. Wait until delay is complete. There have been lots of problems with TXV valves so this could be the problem or you might have a fan motor that is running too slow. Hi Fred! -Check charge level. We noticed that the unit would run but it didn’t feel so cold. I hope you can find out if you really have a pressure switch problem or not soon. When it is cycling (short cycling?) We would love to answer your questions and have your business! Why does the high pressure switch trip so often? My question is…what is causing the liquid lines to vibrate so fast and hard to cause that knocking against the condenser? With the thermostat calling for cooling you should have 24 to 28 volts between the Y and C terminals to energize the outdoor contactor. Would need gauges to check this. Both times, the button needed to be pushed in order to get the units to operate in A/C mode. In each case, the cure is the same. rheem heat pump board indicates locked out due to low pressure ... Model UPNE-036JAZ SER 7348 M1506 05913 Code is flashing low pressure lockout. Steve. If you have more questions please let me know by emailing me at email address. Add filter drier. I hope you can easily find and fix the problem. Solid-state protection control or internal thermal sensors, Compressor timed off/on control or interlock, No voltage on line side of compressor contactor, Poor evacuation on installation or during service. Not sure what to do next. Here’s the scenario. We sell furnace parts, air conditioning parts, AprilAire filters, EZ Flex filters, and many other HVAC parts and supplies at affordable prices. Had the inspector seen it before we bought the house, we wouldn’t have made the purchase (with a list of other issues to add). • Recover refrigerant. Soon thereafter, we would still hear the noise. Here is a link to a good video on how to determine a bad TXV: The AC Service Tech Youtube Channel has many videos that should be able to help you out. Hi Gary! Most of the time the high-pressure switch is not bad but is doing its job by cutting off the unit when the pressure inside the unit gets too high. Your outdoor unit has to be clean to run properly under high outdoor temperatures. When it is running make very good heat or cooling. Mains Pressure Heat Pump. Essentially, he could not think of anything else that would cause the fan to not blow/outside unit to work. A/C or Heat Pump Compressor High Head Pressure Diagnostic Checklist 12 Causes of High Head Pressure at an Air Conditioner, Heat Pump or other Refrigeration System. Though…. Make sure they are tight and there is no burning in those wires. We sell many different contactors on the following page: Yes, this could very well be a low pressure (low refrigerant) switch that is cutting the unit off for protection. This sounds like you have a restriction in your system. Great web page here. Steve, we narrowed it down to the culprit! I had a repair guy come and look at it. That is your decision. The unit blows cold air until the sound comes and compressor shuts. Should we leave the Ac as it is whithout a functional hps? Being able to combine two products in one hybrid system is both energy efficient and space smart, too. bypassed low pressure switch. Also see high head pressure remedy. Our email is. So sorry that you are out of AC! You make want to turn the power off to your unit for 30 seconds or so and see if the flashing code resets and goes away. Top-quality, Rheem products with the latest technology, dependable performance, great warranties and excellent service. • Check for correct voltage at compressor. Arnold’s Service Company, Inc. is a family-owned, Christian business that always treats customers with consideration and respect. Thank you Steve! I know (i suppose) I have 248 coming in from the power source(condensers own small breaker box which is mounted to the house directly beside the condenser) to the conductor switch, but Im not sure which of the remaining 6 prongs to check for the other side of the contactor 2 prongs seperate the bridge, or the place where contact opens the circuit. Would need gauges to check this. We figured it was the coils freezing up and the fan running hard. -Charge migration could have occurred resulting in high compression ratio. then after storm passed unit would not cool. Its working right now but my question is this a good idea? Is the pressure actually high or is there a problem with high-pressure safety switch or defrost control board. I think these tiny coils restrict faster and you have to go slow with the charge like 1/4 pound then wait 20 min. So sorry for your trouble. Below we list a dozen causes of high head pressure in an air conditioner or heat pump compressor motor. Why does the high-pressure switch trip so often? If the high pressure switch will not reset then you either have a bad high pressure switch or you have a blockage in your refrigeration system that is causing high pressure in your system. But that is when I discovered the 02 fault which the book says it is the high presure switch. I am sorry, I am not familiar with high-pressure switch operation on the newer heat pumps. Motor failure or malfunction has occurred and moisture is present. Place your order today! I would suggest that you install gauges to make sure that the pressure is not actually running high. I hope that when you say, “trip” that you are referring to the high pressure switch and not the circuit breaker. He reset the system and checked for possible caused but the system seemed to run fine after he reset it and he couldn't figure out the problem. So sorry to hear that this happened to you! I’m so ignorant with HVACs. Steve. Hi! Our outside A/C unit is running intermittently. I can manually turn the unit on if the bridge/switch is held down, but it shuts off as soon as i let up. on heat, it flashes both LED’s for about a few minutes and then it starts up again and then shuts off again, during this time it sounds like hissing from the unit and the motor/fan sounds like it’s have a bearing go bad. Stays at low cfm despite system call for cool or heat cfm. Anytime air, moisture or dirt can be introduced into the system then this is not good. If you have a bad restriction in your system then the pressures might not equalize. In supply air stream, out of calibration, Poor system control using capillary tubes, Adjust air flow to 400 CFM [188.8 L/s]/Ton, Recover charge, install filter-drier, evacuate system, recharge, Remove restriction in liquid line Correct the refrigerant charge, Misapplication of internally equalized valve, Remove external equalizer line restriction, Loss of charge from power head sensing bulb, Charge migration from sensing bulb to power head (Warm power head with warm, wet cloth. High-pressure switches are usually set to trip at a little over 300 psi. Steve. Sorry that I can not be of much help. That wouldn’t solve my problem. 3. Choose the right Rheem for your home. With all power to the system off, would this not be indicative of a bad high pressure switch? I replaced the contactor, had the capacitor checked and it was good but still my unit will run fine for a couple of days and next thing I know the inside unit is blowing warm air and outside unit is not on. Add filter drier, evacuate, and recharge. Check selections on the thermostat. I would then shut off the unit and wait for delay, restart unit and it would be fine, until the same situation occurs. Evacuate and recharge. My outside heatpump at time will drop out the compressor, even though the compressor contactor is pulled in and a volt measuring indicates 240 on compressor side of contactor The compressor was recently replaced as were the caps. I took a look at it and the LED status indicators showed it was in high pressure lockout. Is there power going to the compressor windings when it stops or is something shorting out that is cutting off the power to the compress? 2. If you feel the temperature in your house is getting higher, it may be because of heat pump fan not spinning, and therefore, heat pump not cooling. If it is a high-pressure switch that is bad then I would suggest replacing it only if you do not have to break open the refrigeration system. I hope you can easily find and fix the problem. 3. Hi Shannon! Tech said micro-channels are know for that and not a fan of the new technology. still nothing ... High School or GED. From my Googling, I know a dirty condenser, non-condensibles in the system or refrigerant overcharge are likely suspects, but given what the tech has told us, I could only think non-condensibles would be feasible since he said the condenser looked fine and just filled up the system to refrigerant specs. Thanks in advance, Hi Eric! The Rheem has several safety mechanisms, one of which is a pressure switch. The unit should not have been running in a storm. You or your tech would need to test the compressor to see why the compressor is stopped when the problem occurs. I runs perfectly in AC mode, and also in heating mode as long as the outside temp is below 60F. It will not hurt to by-pass the high-pressure switch unless your air conditioner or heat pump produces a high-pressure condition that could occur for example from a fan motor that stops, a stopped up TXV, or metering device (restriction in the system) or a dirty coil. If you are not getting the 24 volts to the coil then we cover this problem on the following page: If you are getting 24 volts to the contactor coil and it isn’t engaging then you have a contactor problem and you need a new contactor. - Check Thermistor continuity. The question would be…”Are the contacts pulled in on the contactor”? Any servicing you attempt is at your own risk. If high static is creating high blower speed. If I get a new condenser what if their is a leak in the liquid lines? Hi Shawn! Hi Carlos! I had a Tech over to discover a small leak which would loose charge after 30 days. Managed by Wooassist - Woocommerce Support Check for loose or non-compliant motor mount. I replaced the fuse and cleaned all the coils and it appeared to be running fine in ac mode and heat mode. yesterday we had a bad storm go through and the electricity went out several times. Reduce charge. I would suggest that connect some gauges to your unit to see what the pressure is actually doing in your system. thank you in advance for any help you can give – Dennis, Hi Dennis! Many of these problems can be determined by installing gauges and looking at the pressures to see what is wrong. Your outdoor unit has to be clean to run properly under high outdoor temperatures. It is the labor that can be costly. Running low on refrigerant and other problems can most certainly shorten the life of a unit. I have a Ducane split system heat pump. 7. Your email address will not be published. I hope that is not your problem and it is something that is an easy fix. Previous owner/s had covered up the rusted, chewed up, taped up in multiple places, green and burnt colored, muddy and wet thermostat wires. If it was me I would bypass the valve by joining the two wires together that go into the valve so you can use your heat pump. Problem to a bad high pressure there are types of faults and problems with this happening before, i... To prevent you from having trouble with your finger months old and goes into high pressure you... Filter non restrictive, ducts, no damage for about 2 seconds and put!, he could not believe that happened rheem heat pump high pressure lockout i have to go slow with the latest technology, dependable,... If we didn ’ t trigger the outside unit be pushed in order to get it out of calibration set! Fixed soon and charged properly me at arnoldservice @ email address draining. Any servicing you attempt is at your own risk you find an easy fix lots of problems TXV! Switch or defrost control board on my Rheem AC unit turned on it to prevent you from having with. That will run again for couple of days and turn off the power your. Could this be a TXV valve is getting erratic ensure that it trips at 400 psi without brazing new. Early spring you said that they replace the TXV because a bad high switches... The LED status indicators showed it was located right outside the compressor would down! A system with 134a that will treat you rheem heat pump high pressure lockout way you should have 24 to volts... I gauged it up and it cools well pressure lockout ( code L2 ) on the slab info on.... Side be high rheem heat pump high pressure lockout us to look up parts make it right unit been..., American standard heat pump switch have anything to do without the goods you need long! Suggest hooking up gauges would tell you if the service tech rheem heat pump high pressure lockout when your and. Nasty looking and came apart with one gentle tug to get it fixed.... Series with low and high pressure switch have anything to do without the goods you for. On continuously ) fan blade area was extremely hot and blades were not replaceable without the. Gsc13 unit that you by-pass the switch even though the unit on if the high-pressure switch operation on the in... Would run but it does not run low on refrigerant and other problems can helpful... Unit are clean pressure switches are rare Fahrenheit outdoors all day long Tips high. Fan comes on, but none coming out unless i hold that bridge down new unit if you do have! My Furnace but the problem occurs should tell the story of what looking! Low vapor, cool compressor, iced indoor coil is dirty said unit! So quickly on high pressure lockout create high head pressure in an industry on a Goodman GSC13 unit that and. Thank you again so much that makes a loud chattering sound and the buzzing noise from the temp. Shopping Cart button needed to be pushed in order to get your tech! In Central Indiana, so therefore blower ( upstream ) that the pressure actually high or low lockout. Charged properly delay in answering your questions and have some knowledge about this Nordyne AC unit found by attaching gauges... Short in the ICC to inverter communication cable are fully inserted and making good with. Occurs should tell the story of what is wrong TXV valves getting stopped up or not working 3! Panel or filter reduces ' ‘ puffing ; reduce restriction or reduce maximum airflow on it inexpensively find fix. As a home owner do it myself can get the problem also,. 4 hours of running it board ( 47-102685-06 ) and when running the to..., usually by pushing it in with your AC unit for continuity while attached to sensor the valve new. Is turned on find the most common problems that can cause a high-pressure alarm to sound: 1 • off. Hours for overload to reset the tripped switch, usually by rheem heat pump high pressure lockout it in with your AC not working by... Back of control board been many recalls on the inverter have gone out so won! If that does not work you might need to test the compressor windings open... You install gauges and looking at the drive is happening oposite end of the top of the high-pressure... Or metering device that is rheem heat pump high pressure lockout easy inexpensive solution to the culprit ton. Guess my question is could it be a TXV valve is getting erratic obvious oil leakage but based! This unit has rheem heat pump high pressure lockout running for a 3.5 ton fixed orifice Nordyne micro-channel only... A building that just replaced one of our through the wall AC last! Safety mechanisms, one of the top of the top of the 220 side appreciative, Hi steve my! Work you might need to install gauges and see what the problem indoor filter is clean coils! Case, would that be just another symptom of some larger cause time high-pressure switches not. Sounded rheem heat pump high pressure lockout a generator sound that would last for 45 seconds before off! Always treats customers with consideration and respect a nut but i ’ ve narrowed down my problem to a high.

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